Saturday, March 22, 2014

'Game of Thrones': How Pedro Pascal landed season 4's coolest, sexiest new role

Pedro Pascal was really upset. The Chilean actor was a Game of Thrones fan who previously had arcs on CBS’ The Good Wife and USA’s Graceland, but never thought he had a real chance of landing the coveted role of Oberyn Martell — a bold sexy Dornish prince seeking vengeance against the Lannister family for the rape and murder of his sister. So when Pascal taped his audition last year for the new season 4 role, he was dismayed to find his 17 script pages were full of spoilers.

“I was actually really upset the season was spoiled for me,” he recalls. “I was a true audience member of the show and when this audition came around, it still seemed unattainable. So, I put myself on tape with my [iPhone] and I sent it in. It’s impossible not to care because the writing is so good. You just kind of get into it, whether you think you have a chance for it or not.”
Then the call came. “I was really, really surprised when I heard back.”
Fans, too, were shocked by the casting (He’s too pale to play Oberyn! whined the Interwebs), but producers piled on the praise. “This is a role we were the most nervous about casting as Oberyn embodies so many characteristics,” showrunner David Benioff tells EW. “He’s a favorite character from the books, he’s got the swagger, he’s smart, he loves his family, and he’s sexual in all sorts of ways. And Pedro is just phenomenal.”
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