Saturday, March 15, 2014

20 Clever Life Hacks for making Parenting More interesting

Being a parent is really a tough, full-time job. Not only that, most parents have other full-time jobs in order to provide for their kids. So, life with children could be stressful. They are blessings that fill our days with smiles, but let’s face it, it might be pretty tough sometimes. That’s why we found these awesome 20 parenting hacks. They should build your life easier (and when not that, no less than a little more fun).

1.) Get a baby stroller/scooter to make walks through the park a little more fun 

2.) Let your baby help you with housework.

3.) Keep your hands warm & keep track of your kids at the same time. (Plus, adorable.)

 4.) Shield your baby’s sensitive eyes from water.

 5.) Inspire your children to get along.

 6.) Make gaming a family affair (with fake controllers)

7.) Play smart with your kids, not hard.

 8.) Scare away big, bad monsters with this “secret formula.”

9.) Secretly identify your twins so you can tell them apart.

 10.) Make a safe, indoor hammock with a table and a bed sheet.

 11.) Use a box fan to make your kid’s bed fort a dome of fun.

12.) Encourage your kids to brush their teeth with these little guys.

13.) Protect their ears from the cold with awesomeness.

 14.) Make bedtime awesome.

15.) Use a muffin cup to protect their hands from sticky drippings.

16.) Use spare socks to help warm the toilet seat for nighttime trips.

 17.) Inspire your family to remember to turn off the lights.

 18.) Use a sturdy, cardboard box to make a slide on the stairs.

 19.) Teach your children about modesty in a hilarious way.

20.) Use a Vacuum To Tie Your Daughter’s Hair

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